Road To Rice: One mans journey to mess up his Toyota Celica


Follow this 7 part photo series as a man takes a perfectly good Toyota Celica and turns it into a pink rice burner.

Step 1: take a perfectly good Toyota Celica and decide that you know better than the top designers and engineers at Toyota


Step 2: Sand down your perfectly good factory paint job, add some side guard vents like an M3. Slap on some oversized chrome wheels and a ricey kit.

Step 3: Strip your perfectly functional and aesthetic factory interior and prepare for some new sub standard paintceleca-story-3


Step 4: rip out and sand down the dashceleca-story-4


Step 5: paint your glove box and every dash insert you can unscrewceleca-story-5


Step 6: Spray your car the most horrible metro pink to match your blush and man bagceleca-story-6


Step 7: Stand back and admire your handy work. Go for a drive and watch people dry reach. You suddenly realize that the only people impressed are 16 year old school girls.
You try to sell the car and start over, only to realize there is no resale value in your monstrous creation.


Step 8: Buy a Prius

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  1. Omg That poor celica. :c

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