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To Submit a ricey photo please email it to

Include a screen name so i can thank you publicly.

Photo criteria:

Photos must be of at least 350px wide and 200px high
Photos must be of a riced modification, this includes the whole car, a single modification, or of the interior or engine bay.

Photos must be of a decent quality, if it looks like ass, dont bother uploading it because i wont put it up.

If you are entering the ricer contest place an A4 or larger sized paper in the photo with the text “”. Make sure text is clear and legible.

No Porn or nudity. This site is about the cars not the owners, however if you insist in parading your head over the internet, feel free and  I may oblige.



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  1. Mike says:

    Sick as styrofoam dampening setup, secured to the inner door with masking tape and painters tape. If you look closely he is rocking a sick purple paint job.

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