Honda Civic – Classic Rice


Thanks to Mark for sending this pic of his car in. Classic rice..

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Bosozoku Rice bucket 1

bosozoku ricer

One of the more modest bosozoku ricers

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Riced Turd

riced turd

This car is like doing a shit after eating a rice pudding.


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Riced Mitsubishi with Neon Light on Wing

Riced Mitsubishi

Ricers.. flaunting the law one neon bulb at a time.

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Riced Nissan Exa n13 – “2 DEFN”

Nissan exa n13

Whats the attraction with showing random people on the street the type of speakers you have in your ride. Don’t be surprised when you wake up one morning and they are gone


Nissan exa n13

number plates should be “2 BLIND” because this shit is like looking directly at the sun.


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Uknown rice burner

rice burner

I have no idea what the base car is here. Looks like some horrible skyline conversion gone wrong (not that one could ever be right)


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Riced Honda Integra with woodgrain accents

honda integra

Lets make people think we made out kit out of wood. Nice work jerk-off


honda integra

That wing is bizarre. Where would you even buy something like that?


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180sx Silvia s15 conversion

180sx Silvia

Thanks to Daryl for this one. Doesn’t look half bad! money well spend Mr ricer, welcome to the rice club

180sx s15 conversion

Rice doesn’t have to mean ugly. Nice example of a riced Japanese sports car

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Ford with ‘park bench spoiler’ modification

riced Ford

Well.. at least it is aerodynamic……..


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Riced Toyota Corolla with massive grill

toyota corolla

Dude is just messed up to put a grill like this on a Corolla, I guess its an attempt to look like a Chrysler or some shit


Toyota Corolla

Plates show the car is from Islama-bad ay? yeh… its bad alright


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Chinese Lamborghini conversion


The chinese fake a lot of shit, iPhones, designer wallets and even lamborghini’s.
I can’t remember the car they used, but it was some 1.8l piece of turd. Not fooling anyone with this rubbish


Look how un-even the guard cuts are around the rear wheels. What a hopeless effort.

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Ricer Bosozoku van – Insane Kit


Call it bosozoku if you like, but rice is rice, period.


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Riced Mitsubishi Eclipse – Sticker Tuned




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Riced Honda Civic EK hatch


stickers sticker stickers… why are honda owners so obsessed with damn stickers.. I bet they would be good at scrap booking

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Mildly riced Mitsubishi Lancer


ahh just another lancer posing as an evo. What the deal with the plates.. ‘TODAI’.. as in today? righhhhht…….. O.o

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Riced Nissan Exa n13





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Riced Eclipse

ricer eclipse

Thanks J Adams for sending us this one. Your ricing skills are very impressive.

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Toyota Camery: Devil spoiler


Devil Spoiler… Genius

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Honda Civic EG: JDM Mardi Grass

Honda Mardi Gras

One might be led to beleive this car was styled to be a featured Mardi Gras float. Look at all those damn gauges on the dash!

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Toyota: Insane Styling

insane car

This car is insane. Why a spoiler on the roof? Why everything? Theres a gauge on the bonnet facing outwards WTF

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