Show us what a Ricer you are by uploading a photo of your own rice-mobile and be in the running for some great ricer prizes.

Prizes include:

Neon light kit
Ricer gear knob
Cool ricer stickers which will give you an additional 5 horsepower
Ricer T-shirts, caps

and finally, the supreme honor of being named greatest ricer of your country.

How to enter:

To enter emailĀ  your photo to:
Include your firstname, City/Country, and the email you want to be notified if you have won.

Conditions of entry:

The photo you submit must be taken by you, and preferably of your own car. (you will be required to hold a paper with the text ‘’ in the photo to prove it is your car.

Winner will be decided when a certain quota of total competition votes have been made, to maintain a fair balance.

Winner is based on how many votes your photo gets. Votes are made by clicking the Rice Bowl icon underneath your photo.

There is a limitation of one vote per IP adress. Cheating will result in an instant disqualification from the competition.




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