10 Honda to Nissan Skyline conversions

Many Honda owners wish they were actually Nissan owners and spend excessive time and money making their 1.6L FWD’s look like Skylines. Often the conversions costs end up been higher than buying base model skyline.. Have a look at these great examples.

Honda Accord r34 GTR Styling,  complete with GTR badge



Its clear a lot of money and engineering went into this Honda Civic Skyline conversion. Buying a skyline would have probably been cheaper..



The famous Honda Del Sol with some r34 tail lights


This Honda Prelude almost looks like an r33, once again.. just go buy the real thing.. with the money spend on this car, a stock r33 GTS could have easily been bought


Prelude R33.. 

Prelude R33


Honda r33 and some other rubish..




This guy is very cool in his beanie and R33 Honda Del Sol

Riced Honda with r33 tail lights



Saving the best till last. This one is pretty amazing, Its a clean job that would have taken a lot of time.

EG Civic: Space Shuttle bodykit 17

why not just buy a skyline?

EG Civic: Space Shuttle bodykit 16

Honda Civic to Nissan Skyline conversion

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