riced ugly nissan


In no parallel dimension would this be good.

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Leopard skin Lambo



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Honda civic with M3 vents and HP stickers bonus


Bonus 85 HP for certain.

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Ricer of the week – 1


Congratulations Matt on becoming the ricer of the week! We salute your powerful ricing skills.

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Welcome to Riceville

lambo doors ricer

Welcome to Riceville, where every car has Lambo doors

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Rusty Hood mod

rusty hood ricer

Not sure how rusty hoods became a thing… Never underestimate ricers

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orange 2 tone honda civic

Eg honda civic

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NSX to Ferrari f40 conversion

NSX to Ferrari conversion

NSX to Ferrari f40 Conversion. nuff said

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Hyundai excel with errect lambo doors

hyundai excel lambo doors

errect doors

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Rice Eclipse RC

Mitsubishi eclipse

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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F22 powered Mr2 rice bucket

Toyota MR2 rice

silly silly silly..

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Ricer with Jet Turbine on hood

ricer jet turbine

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Riced Toyota MR2 with Roof Wing

Toyota Mr2

Rice masterpiece MR2 sent in by Daniel.

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Junk Yard Ricer

honda ricer

how fitting that the photo was taken in a Junk yard.

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Ugly Riced Honda Civic

honda civic rice bomb

i have seen some ugly Honda’s come through this site. This is one of the best (of the worst)

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mini wheel

riced mini wheel

The latest trend in Ricing, mini mags!

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The Mona Lisa of Rice

honda rice

honda rice

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Strange Honda CRX Kit

Honda crx

Not sure about the lines around the headlight..

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Pringles intake pipe mod


resourcefulness +10000000

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