Man creates exotic Super Car using cardboard and foam


This Lithuanian man dreamed of owning an exotic car, so when he came across the stripped shell of an old Merc, he saw an opportunity to bring his dream to life. Using just foam, cardboard and his creativity (and a lot of patience), he managed to create something that visually rivals the top Italian exotics.





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4 Responses to Man creates exotic Super Car using cardboard and foam

  1. Anti-Rice says:

    It’s actually made out of polyurethane and despite
    a Odd looking grill I believe the man deserves at least
    a little credit for such a amazing feat

  2. Daniel says:

    This man isn’t a ricer, this man is a genius.

    Ricers just mod what they already have. And 90% of the time it looks and runs like absolute shit.

    This dude right here actually created something completely different and honestly it actually looks pretty damn cool.

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