Cardboard body kit

well done, notice the NOS bottle on the dashboard… this car is so fast on the quarter mile that it will fall apart. literally



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6 Responses to Cardboard body kit

  1. kam says:

    what a fuckhead. The ‘this side up’ writing may cum in handy tho.

    • Lionellinesfan says:

      Thats not nos on the dash, thats a painted fire extinguisher, for when the exhaust sets the cardboard on fire…

      • michael says:

        I don’t think it’s even a fire extinguisher, it looks like a drink bottle. It has a white cap and that shaped bottom thing.

  2. Jeremy says:

    this one was actually made as a joke.

  3. egbert says:

    who would do sucha crapy tink yo.

  4. egbert says:

    who would do sucha crapy ting

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