Big fucked up spoiler

big spoiler

VrooooOOoom!!! VrrrrrrRRRROOOOOOM!!! if you know what model this car is pls post it.


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8 Responses to Big fucked up spoiler

  1. p says:

    its a pontiac sunbird

  2. Andy says:

    Pontiac Sunfire, the even turdier cousin of the Chevy Cavalier.

    • ricer says:

      Thanks Andy! and cheers for the comments, will soon be adding another 100+ original pics which have been sent to me over the past few months. come back soon and check em out.

  3. honda racer says:

    that is a saturn of some sort and it looks rediculus

  4. Erin C says:

    It’s a Dodge Neon.

  5. Lloyd Kelly says:

    It a pos sunfire

  6. jj says:

    Pontiac Sunfire.

  7. Auto mechanic of 15yrs says:

    It is a 2003-05 pontiac sunfire.

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